Beauty Salon Massage Bed

Massage Bed Information:
Foot Pad Material:
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Leather Fabric:
Artificial PU Fabric
Counterbore Size:
Inner Fabric:
Polymer Sponge
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< Features & Benefits >

• Light weight of 11kg with shoulder sling carrier bag
• Foldable for space saving when not in use
• Portable and fits in most car boots for outdoor use
• Adjustable height to suits therapist working height
• Removable face opening
• Attachable and  adjustable headrest , both side and front armrests.
• Heavy duty to supports up to 250kg operating weight / 500kg static
• Light weight firm aluminium frame

Comfortable and foldable massage table/bed
5 colors to choose

👍high density foam, more comfortable
👍Heavy-duty steel frame
👍Sturdy frame structure
👍Wide comfortable table surface
Full length for maximum comfort (180cm)
Creative face cradle
High quality vinyl – oil and waterproof
Supports up to (250kg)
Easy setup and carry around

No Need Assembled

The top is thick and padded, and very comfortable to lay on

This massage bed is ideal for professional therapists, therapu stundetns and home ursers as well