Electric Heating Mattress

NamePrinted electric heating mattress
FabricNon-woven 480g/㎡
Switch ModelTemperature control switch/intelligent switch
Product PackagingNon-woven handbag/gift box packaging
Case specification79*55*71
ModelTemperature control switch/intelligent switchNet weightQuantityPower
Specification1.5*0.7m/Single control0.75kg30pcs/box50W
 1.5*0.8m/Single control0.9kg30pcs/box65W
 1.8*0.9m/Single control1kg20pcs/box80W
 1.5*1.2m/Single control1.2kg20pcs/box90W
 1.8*1.2m/Single control1.5kg14pcs/box100W
 1.8*1.5m/Dual Control1.6-1.7kg14pcs/box140W
 2*1.8m/Dual Control2.4kg14pcs/box190W

Which Electric Blanket Fabric is Best for Me?

Which Electric Blanket Fabric is Best for Me
Which Electric Blanket Fabric is Best for Me

So, you’ve decided that an electric blanket is the way to go for keeping toasty warm at night, helping you sleep better and soothing any aches and pains you may have – great choice! Now you just have to decide which one is right for you. One of the deciding factors when choosing a heating mattress is the fabric with which it is made. There are plenty of options and each has its own features and benefits. Here is our guide to choosing which one is right for you.


This is by far the most common fabric used in heating mattress because it’s such a versatile material being both soft and fire-resistant. If you associate polyester with the cheap, static-inducing shirts of the 1970s, be assured that polyester has come a long way and today’s polyester fabrics are soft and cosy. It is, however, still a very cost-effective material which makes polyester blankets cheaper than most other materials. It also washes really well and will last a long time.


Fleece blankets are, as you would expect, soft and fluffy so if you’re looking for something to really snuggle down and sink into then this is the blanket for you! Very cosy for cold nights, fleece blankets also tend to be thicker than polyester ones.

Faux Fur

Faux fur electric blankets take the snuggle-factor from fleece blankets and raise it a level! Super soft and luxurious, these blankets bring some Scandinavian log cabin chic to your bedroom.


These are premium blankets with a gorgeous, quilted flannel fabric that provides real luxury. One of the main differences you would notice between this and other fabrics is its thickness which provides great insulation for the heating wires. It’s also really soft to the touch. Diamond-quilted fabric is more expensive than polyester or fleece but when you see the thickness and feel, you will see why.


As the name suggests, anti-allergy electric blankets incorporate hypoallergenic technology to provide a safe and restful night’s sleep for those with allergies. This primarily helps protect your blanket against the infestation of dust mites and their eggs but also prevents bacteria developing. Many anti-allergy blankets also offer an anti-mite heat boost that you can use periodically which will kill dust mites and eggs.

Use flannel bedsheets in the winter

Flannel is a great choice of material for bedsheets in the winter. Flannel is cotton that’s been brushed to make it fluffy, rather than smooth like normal cotton sheets.

All that extras fluffiness means more air is trapped, which makes it a better insulator.

Which fabric is right for you?

That’s really your call as all fabrics have their own advantages whether that be luxury, high performance, comfort or price so it’s down to your own priorities. Truth be told, you can’t really go wrong with any of them!