Health Care Electric Wheel Chair

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wheel chair factory
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health care electric wheel chair 2
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Medical wheel chair 1

Health Care Electric Wheel Chair

DL-1 Electric high quality battery lithium 12A 24V Wheel chair  :

Name: DL-1 manual and electric wheelchair

Size: 115*62*93 CM

Folding size: 72*37*73 CM

Net weight: 34KG

Battery: 9.5 kg

Battery capacity :12AH,cruising ability of 15KM and a charging time of 8H

Advantages of Health Care Electric Wheel Chair:

Electric wheelchair is based on the traditional manual wheelchair, superimposed on the high-performance power drive device, intelligent manipulation device, battery and other components, transformation and upgrading.

1, wide audience. Whether the old and frail elderly or disabled injured or sick, can be used.

2, convenient. If there is electricity, it can be driven by electricity, without electricity can also be used as a hand wheelchair.

3, safety. Electromagnetic brake, climbing slopes without worrying about slippage;

4, safety belt + anti-tip wheel, will not roll over; have solid tires, not afraid of sticking… Electric wheelchair loss of control rate is close to 0.

5, enhance self-care ability. Users can complete their daily activities with the help of electric wheelchairs.

Specification of  Home use electronic portable power electric wheel chair:

Wheelchair Length:108cm
Wheelchair Width65cm
Wheelchair height91cm
Seat width45cm
Seat depth43cm
Seat height50cm
Folding width40cm
Front castor10inch
Rear castor16inch
Wheelchair weightAbout 38kg
Battery weight9kg
Weight loading120kg
 gradeability    25 degree
battery capacity24V12A
cruising ability12-15km
Motor power250W*2
Speed0-6km,5 speed adjustable
charging time6-8h
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