Manual Wheelchair

Manual Wheelchair
Manual Wheelchair
Manual Wheelchair 2
Manual Wheelchair 2
Manual Wheelchair 3
Manual Wheelchair 3
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Manual Wheelchair 4
Manual Wheelchair 5
Manual Wheelchair 5


Seat Width (Upholstery): 17.71 inch/45 cm
Seat depth (Upholstery): 17.5 Inch/44.5 cm
Seat Height from floor: 19.68”/ 50 cm (customizable)
Distance Between Arms: 17.5”/44.5cm
Armrest Height From seat: 6.5”
Armrest height from Floor: 24”
Back Upholstery Height: 16.5”
Overall Length (without Rigging):36.5”
Overall Length (without Rigging): 42.5”-43.5” (customizable)
Overall height: 35” (customizable)
Overall width (Open): 27.5”
Overall Width (closed): 11.5”
Gross Weight:17kg
Fronts Casters: 8” x 2”
Rear Wheels: 26 ” x 1.5” (customizable)
Carrying Capacity: 100 kg
Net Weight of the Wheelchair:15 kg

Advantages of Manual Wheelchair

There are many styles of manual wheelchairs on the market with detachable features. Tebang Wheelchair is a great option if there is a smaller budget. In addition to the detachable arm and footrests, the S-shaped curved seat cushion evenly distributes pressure from the hips, prevents the user from sliding forward, and stabilizes the sitting posture.

Features of the wheelchair:

  1. Foldable design, easy to carry
  2. Soft and comfortable seat .
  3. Four caster braking design is more convenient and safe
  4. Thick steel pipe material, super high bear-load
  5. Front wheel solid tyre, rear wheel solid tyre, more comfort
  6. X frame, perfect mechanical design
  7. Storage bag design, convenient and more intimate
  8. Economic and cost-effective


Consist of : Useable as assistive device which have seat, two large wheels, two small wheels (Castors), good
braking system, footrest with hand rims for disabled persons.

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