Manual tricycle

Manual tricycle
Manual tricycle
Manual tricycle 2
Manual tricycle 2


Color: Blue/Black/Variable
Seat Width (Upholstery): 18”
Seat depth (Upholstery): 17”
Backrest Height-17′
Seat Dimension-19’x 12′(LxW)
Footrest height from ground 9”
Foot plate made of stainless Still (SS)/Metal Stell
Armrest height from seat with crank gear leaver or hand

The tricycle is manual single handed operated. It’s customizable as per requirements.

cycling system 7”
Armrest height form floor-25”
Overall height 37”
Overall length 72”
Front wheel (20” x 1.75”) used for steering, includes hand breaking system.
Back wheels (28” x 1.5”) operated by pedals connected to chain wheels with right crank and
Net weight Min 18 kg
Carrying Capacity 120 kg
Two Comfortable Cushions (Black Color)
All the wheels (Air filled Pneumatic Tire-tube) include stainless
Steel (SS) rims.
Structure made of Metal Steel (MS) Light pipe
Lever paddle available
Security lock
Steel Mudguards, rear and front Bell available

Consist of: heavy duty which includes seat with backrest, footrest
platform, single handed steering and suitable for rural areas

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