How to choose medical nursing beds

How to choose medical nursing beds?

How to choose medical nursing beds?

Traditional nursing work is difficult, not only eating, drinking, turning and back rubbing, bed sores and other patients suffer, but also makes the work of nursing staff more difficult. So, how can you choose a suitable nursing bed? There are various types of nursing beds, and when choosing one, you can choose according to your purchasing needs. At the same time, the purchase of nursing beds and other large medical equipment, first learn more about the big brands of nursing beds products, and then from the product best-selling degree, certification, function and other aspects to start, so as to avoid being “set”.

1. The safety of medical nursing beds

General nursing beds are for patients with mobility problems, long-term bedridden, the safety and stability of nursing beds put forward higher requirements. So when buying a nursing bed, be sure to pay attention to the supplier to show the product registration certificate and production license.

nursing beds

2. Electric or manual medical nursing beds

Electric or manual nursing beds

There are electric and manual nursing beds, manual nursing beds are suitable for short-term patient care needs, electric nursing beds are suitable for long-term bedridden, mobility patients, which not only greatly reduces the burden of caregivers, the most important is that patients can operate their own control of their own lives, greatly improve the confidence of life, which is conducive to the recovery of patients.

At the same time also combined with economic factors to consider, electric nursing beds are stronger than manual nursing beds in terms of practicality, but the price is several times or even dozens of times more than manual nursing beds.

3. Nursing bed with side-turning function

Nursing beds with side-turning function are suitable for hospitals or clinics where the patient has little voluntary activity, the risk period of the previous disease has passed, but the degree of paralysis is serious and there are few nursing staff, so that the three major complications (pneumonia, urinary tract infection and bed sores) of long-term bedridden patients can be effectively prevented.

Nursing bed with side-turning function

4. Folding function of medical nursing beds

Some nursing beds are also divided into single-swinging two-fold, double-swinging three-fold, four-fold, etc. Two-fold can realize the long sitting function, three-fold can realize the end-sitting function, can be used as a wheelchair, convenient for patients to move themselves, four-fold can realize the comfortable position as sitting chair.

This kind of nursing bed is suitable for some fracture recovery patients, long-term bedridden patients’ health care, to facilitate the special patient’s sleep, study, entertainment and other needs.

Folding function of nursing beds

Anti-decubitus inflatable mattress

1. Anti-bedsore inflatable mattress

(Anti-bedsore air mattress) is a kind of air mattress, and the anti-bedsore air mattress is designed and manufactured to alleviate the troubles and pains of long-term bedridden patients (paralyzed, and patients with bedsores) and to reduce the labor intensity of nursing staff. It is suitable for long-term bed-ridden patients and is one of the most effective medical devices for preventing bedsores.

Anti-decubitus inflatable mattress – Applicable people

1、Long-term bedridden, such as the elderly who are bedridden for a long time due to old age and cannot turn over.

2、Patients who are bedridden due to accidents or diseases; burns, fracture traction Medical, surgical, post-surgical care

3、Anyone who is less active and bedridden for a long time due to other reasons

tube medical air mattress

Tube medical air mattress

Anti-bedsore air mattress

Anti-bedsore air mattress

medical air mattress

Rhombus medical air mattress

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