What is the principle of electromagnetic brake of electric wheelchair?

Electric wheelchairs for the elderly and disabled must be equipped with a deceleration braking device, which is an electromagnetic brake. Tebang Medical will share with you the working principle of the electromagnetic brake of electric wheelchairs and electric scooters.

Electromagnetic brake is the safety guarantee of electric wheelchairs and electric scooters for the elderly and disabled. It is flexible and simple to operate, and the car can be braked by letting go. Compared with the braking system of electric vehicles and even automobiles, it is more sensitive and more convenient to operate.

What is the principle of electromagnetic brake of electric wheelchair

Electric wheelchair electromagnetic brake braking device is also called eddy current retarder, which is a vehicle braking device. When the user releases the control handle, the stator coil of the retarder will be fed with direct current, and a magnetic field will be generated in the stator coil, which forms a loop between adjacent iron cores, yoke plates, air gaps and rotors.

What is the principle of electromagnetic brake of electric wheelchair?

At this time, if there is relative motion between the rotor and the stator, this motion is equivalent to the conductor cutting the magnetic field lines. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, an induced current will be generated inside the conductor, and at the same time, the induced current will generate another induced magnetic field. This magnetic field and There will be a force between the existing magnetic fields, and the direction of the force is always the direction that hinders the movement of the conductor. This force is the source of retarder braking torque.

Electromagnetic brake is one of the necessary components for electric wheelchairs, and it is the guarantee of the safety of electric wheelchairs. Electric wheelchairs with electromagnetic brakes do not slip up and downhill, and the brakes basically have no inertia. It is recommended that when purchasing an electric wheelchair for the elderly, one must choose one with an electromagnetic brake function.

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