What kind of batteries are recommended for electric wheelchairs?

Today, electric wheelchairs are all over our lives. Whether it is for the elderly or the disabled to travel in daily life, low-speed electric wheelchairs have become a convenient means of transportation for daily transportation, and are increasingly favored by young people. So when buying an electric wheelchair, what battery is recommended for the electric wheelchair?

There are currently two types of electric wheelchair batteries on the market, one is lead-acid batteries and the other is lithium batteries. The editor often sees some netizens asking whether to buy a lithium battery electric wheelchair or a lead-acid electric wheelchair; what is the difference between the two; which one is better and so on.

What kind of batteries are recommended for electric wheelchairs

There are two main reasons for this trouble:

The first is the price. The price of lithium battery electric vehicles is generally 2 to 3 times the price of lead-acid battery electric vehicles, so the price of lithium battery electric wheelchairs is much higher than that of lead-acid batteries;

The second is the battery performance problem. Some people joked on the Internet: “Lithium battery electric vehicles are too expensive to afford, and lead-acid battery electric vehicles are too heavy to carry.”

There is no doubt that lithium batteries are superior to lead-acid batteries in all aspects of performance. At present, lithium iron phosphate batteries are common. This battery does not have a memory effect like lead-acid batteries. After more than 1600 charges, the battery’s The storage capacity can still reach 85%. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have the advantages of light weight, large specific capacity, and long cycle life. Contribute to the “lightweight and simplified” design of vehicle products.

The electrodes of lead-acid batteries are mainly made of lead and its oxides, and the electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution. In the charged state of the lead-acid battery, the main component of the positive electrode is lead dioxide, and the main component of the negative electrode is lead; in the discharged state, the main component of the positive and negative electrodes is lead sulfate. Because of the memory effect of lead-acid batteries, when they are overlapped more than 500 times, the storage capacity of the battery will be greatly reduced.

The two batteries are not the same except that they are both energy storage devices. Lead-acid batteries are safer and cheaper, but have lower energy density than lithium batteries, so lead-acid batteries are larger. Even so, high-priced lithium battery electric wheelchairs still cannot completely replace lead-acid battery electric wheelchairs.

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