The scope and characteristics of various wheelchairs

At present, there are many types of wheelchairs on the market, which can be divided into aluminum alloy, light material and steel according to the material. For example, according to the type, they can be divided into ordinary wheelchairs and special wheelchairs. Special wheelchairs can be divided into: leisure sports wheelchair series, electronic wheelchair series , Seat-side wheelchair series, standing wheelchair series, etc.

various wheelchairs

Ordinary wheelchair:

mainly composed of wheelchair frame, wheels, brakes and other devices.
Scope of application:
People with lower limb disabilities, hemiplegia, paraplegia below the chest, and the elderly with limited mobility.
Patients can operate fixed or removable armrests by themselves
Fixed footrest or removable footrest
It can be folded for carrying or when not in use.

According to the model and price, it is divided into:
Hard seats, soft seats, pneumatic tires or solid tires, among them: wheelchairs with fixed armrests and fixed footrests have lower prices.
Special wheelchair: mainly because it has relatively complete functions. It is not only a mobility tool for the disabled and people with reduced mobility, but also has other functions.

High back reclining wheelchair

Scope of application:
High paraplegics and the elderly, infirm and infirm
Features: 1. The backrest of the reclining wheelchair is as high as the occupant’s head. The detachable armrests and turn-buckle pedals can be raised and lowered and rotated 90 degrees. The upper bracket can be adjusted to a horizontal position.

The angle of the backrest can be adjusted in sections or arbitrarily adjusted to the level without sections (equivalent to a bed). The user can rest on the wheelchair. The headrest is also removable.

electric wheelchair

Scope of application: For people with high paraplegia or hemiplegia but who have the ability to control with one hand.
The scope and characteristics of various wheelchairs
The electric wheelchair is powered by a battery. It can travel about 20 kilometers on a single charge. It has a one-handed control device that can move forward, backward and turn, and can be used indoors and outdoors. The price is higher.

toilet wheelchair

Scope of application: For the disabled and the elderly who cannot go to the toilet by themselves.
Toilet wheelchairs: divided into small wheeled toilet chairs and wheelchairs with toilets, which can be selected according to the occasion of use.

sports wheelchair

Sports wheelchair: It is used by the disabled for sports activities, and it is divided into two categories: ball games and racing. The design is special, and the materials used are generally aluminum alloy or light materials, which are strong and light.

Standing wheelchair

Standing wheelchair: it is a kind of standing and sitting wheelchair
Standing training for paraplegic or cerebral palsy patients, through training:
One is to prevent osteoporosis in patients, promote blood circulation and strengthen muscle strength training.
The second is that it is convenient for patients to take things. Scope of application: paraplegic patients, cerebral palsy patients.

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