How to maintain the electric wheelchair to extend the life of the wheelchair?

  1. First of all, you should fully understand the equipment, how to use it, and the function of the buttons everywhere. Do not buy something, the key moment is not flexible to use, especially how to start, how to quickly stop, in the event of unexpected things can play a key role.
  2. Keep the body clean and put it in a dry and ventilated place to prevent corrosion of accessories.
  3. Before using the wheelchair and within a month, check whether the bolts are loose, loose tighten in time. In normal use, check every three months to ensure that all parts are in good condition. Check the various solid nuts on the wheelchair (especially the fixing nuts of the rear axle). If they are found to be loose, adjust and tighten them in time.
  4. Please check the use of the tires regularly, repair the rotating parts in time, and add a small amount of lubricant regularly.
  5. Sometimes it is inevitable to get muddy by water or wet by rain when you go out. Pay attention to clean and wipe the dirt in time, and apply anti-rust wax. The rain is too acidic. If the dirt is not cleaned up in time, the wheelchair will easily rust, at least visually affecting the appearance.
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  1. Keep the tires under sufficient air pressure and do not touch oil or acidic substances to prevent deterioration.
  2. The connecting bolts of the wheelchair frame are loosely connected and are strictly forbidden to be tightened.
  3. For electric wheelchairs, you need to get into the habit of charging immediately, which means keeping the battery full. It is forbidden to store the power off; electric wheelchairs not used for a long time will seriously affect the service life due to insufficient power storage, and the longer the idle time, the more serious the battery damage. The longer it sits idle, the more serious the battery damage will be. The idle electric wheelchair should develop the habit of charging regularly. Keep the battery “full” for a long time. Also avoid the rain! Handle with care, etc.
  4. Always check the flexibility of the moving and rotating structure and apply lubricant. If, for any reason, the wheel axle needs to be removed, make sure the nuts are tightened and will not come loose when reinstalled.

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