What are the medical equipment and protective gear?

Medical protective gear is a very important part of the field of modern medicine. They can provide the necessary support and protection for patients and help them recover. There are many types of medical protective gear, let’s introduce them one by one:

1. Orthotics:

Orthotics are medical protective devices(protective gear) used to correct body posture and support the body, and are mainly used to treat diseases such as scoliosis and fractures.

Orthotics protective gear function

Crutches are medical protective devices used for walking support, and are mainly used to treat lower limb fractures, knee joint injuries and other diseases.

The crutches and feet should not be placed on the same line, but should form a triangle. The correct posture is to raise your head and chest, put your weight on your palms, and support your body weight. Do not wear slippers, high heels or stockings when using crutches, wear stable shoes to prevent falls, and walk carefully.

3. Glasses:

Glasses are a kind of medical protective equipment used to correct vision, mainly used to treat vision problems such as myopia and hyperopia.


Now the most used is the resin lens. The refractive index can be roughly divided into 1.56, 1.60, 1.67, 1.71, 1.74.
The refractive index of 1.56 is suitable for within 300 degrees; the refractive index of 1.60 is suitable for within 500 degrees; the refractive index of 1.67 is suitable for within 800 degrees; the refractive index of 1.74 is suitable for within 1200 degrees.

4. Oxygen machine:

Oxygen machine is a medical protective device used to provide oxygen, mainly used to treat lung disease, heart disease and other diseases.

With the advancement of science and technology and the aging population, more medical devices have begun to enter the family, which we can simply call household medical devices. Small oxygen concentrators belong to this type of medical equipment. Because the small oxygen generator is easy to use, simple to operate, and light to move. Therefore, more and more people who recover after surgery and have weak respiratory function begin to use small oxygen generators at home.

Oxygen machine
5. Ventilator:

A ventilator is a medical protective device used to assist breathing, and is mainly used to treat diseases such as respiratory failure and sleep apnea.


Ventilator is a medical device that can effectively replace, control or change people’s normal physiological breathing, increase lung ventilation, improve respiratory function, reduce respiratory consumption, and save heart reserve. Mechanical ventilation can be provided to patients who are physically unable to breathe or who are hypopneic. Modern ventilators are computer-controlled, but patients can also be breathed using a simple manual bag-valve mask recovery ball.

6. Surgical instruments:

Surgical instruments are medical protective equipment used for surgery, mainly including scalpels, pliers, scissors and other tools.

General surgical instruments include scalpels, surgical scissors, surgical tweezers, hemostats, needle forceps, sewing needles, wound forceps, etc., but for some surgical instruments with special surgical needs, there are very strict requirements. For example, microneurosurgery requires very high requirements for the equipment used.

surgical instruments

The infusion set is a medical protective device used for infusion, mainly used to deliver medicine, nutrient solution, etc. to patients.

infusion set

The infusion set is a common medical consumable. After aseptic treatment, a channel between the vein and the liquid medicine is established for intravenous infusion. Generally, it is composed of eight parts such as venous needle or injection needle, needle cap, infusion hose, liquid medicine filter, flow rate regulator, drip pot, cork puncturer, air filter, etc. Some infusion sets also have injection parts , Dosing port, etc.

Nursing bed is a kind of medical protective equipment used to care for patients, mainly used to take care of patients who cannot leave the bed.

Nursing beds are generally power beds, which are divided into electric or manual nursing beds. They are designed according to the patient’s bed rest habits and treatment needs, with family members who can accompany them. They have multiple nursing functions and operation buttons, and use insulated and safe beds.

Functions such as weight monitoring, lifting and eating, turning over at regular intervals, prevention of bed sores, bed-wetting alarm with negative pressure suction, mobile transportation, rest, rehabilitation (passive movement, standing), infusion administration, and related reminders can prevent patients from falling out of bed.

In short, there are many types of medical protective gear, and each medical protective gear has its specific functions and uses. The development and application of medical protective gear not only improves the level of medical care, but also brings better therapeutic effects and quality of life to patients.

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