How to choose a Commode chair

How to choose a Commode chair(toilet seat)?

1. Type

Commode chair(Toilet seat) can be divided into simple type, toilet type, potty type.

The former belongs to the basic model, the latter 2 seemingly similar to the name, in fact, completely different types.

    (1) simple type toilet seat

Simple type toilet seat

For people who can not squatting pit carefully designed, perfectly constructed into a circular toilet seat, leaving the middle round hole down in the direction of hollow, the last poop or urine or stay in the pit.

Health Care Commode Chair

 (2) toilet seat

Toilet seat

Called [toilet type] means that the appearance is close to like an ordinary toilet to make it, the side is also attached to put a small detail of paper, simulating a patient is really convenient.

Stainless Steel Toilet Chair

 (3) Bucket type Commode chair(toilet chair)

Bucket-style Commode chair(toilet chair)

In the middle of the chair hollowed out a position, vacated to form a similar shape of the chair, usually loading and unloading the bucket can be, than the previous 2 benefits of the two sides of the armrests, not afraid of patients can not sit.

Commode Chair with Armrest 2

2. Height

The lowest is not below 30cm, the highest does not exceed 60cm, depending on the model and brand.

Height selection can be evaluated according to the height of the user, so as to pick the right model to buy.

3. Space

Restricted by living space, you can choose to support folding models, when not in use can be stored at any time to put a place.

4. Material

Whether the seat surface is comfortable, which affects this point is the material.

(1) plastic sitting surface

Flat and smooth is also good for cleaning work, just sit for a long time fart pain, the surface is hard experience is not high.

    (2) leather sitting surface

Skin comfortable, a sit on the whole body concave in the middle, poor quality and easy to wear, but also not very good cleaning, need regular maintenance.

5. Skeleton

The skeleton of a stable toilet chair is the key point of the entire purchase, imagine who wants to spend money on what should be convenient for the elderly, but also cause falls and other unstable factors.

Therefore, to confirm whether it is clear enough to be stable, before you can place an order.

6. Backrest

The back of the toilet seat, will make people more comfortable, but also in safety considerations.

Although the posture swing, will not momentarily cause danger.

7. Armrests

Both sides can hold the priority to choose, to avoid some people on the time long off the force and unnatural fall down.
Second, the toilet chair brand recommendation

Third, the commode chair frequently asked questions

1. Elderly toilet chair is good carbon steel or aluminum alloy?

Carbon steel: the selling point is high hardness, abrasion resistance, low cost, the defect is the density of large.

Aluminum alloy: low density, lightweight and good plasticity.

2. Toilet seat to choose how high appropriate?

It is recommended that the low model to choose about 450mm.

The highest also add a range of 20mm can be.

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